Love is what makes this life worthwhile.

What if it doesn't work? 
Yes, it will cause pain....

Awww,but what if it does work??
Then you will find happiness beyond 
Any you dreamed of.

Love will fill your senses, 
Your life, 
Your every waking moment.

Love will bring a smile
to your heart.

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Like You Have Never
Been Hurt

Love is a rare and special gift
Some search their whole life through
Others have it but do not see
I am so lucky to be in love with you

Once we have been hurt in love
We tend to put up walls from fear
Of being hurt again and again
Not letting others even get near

When we need instead to realise
All are not like the ones before
And to find true love we must
Be willing to open the door

We have to take the chance
Spread our wings and learn to dance
Loving does mean taking a risk, yes
A life filled with love.. who would want less

The "loves" that hurt you in times gone
Were not True Loves, as you must now know
True Love is never ending and can conquer all
True Love will never really let you go 

We both could let past pain turn our hearts cold
Or you could reach out and take my hand
Slowly pulling me closer to you
And share a love that is so rare in this land

There are others who you can love
There are the ones who arouse lust
But to be In Love is a different story 
All else fades in it's glory

So let go of past heartbreaks today
Open your heart all the way
Love like you have never been hurt in the past
Let a True Love enter and forever last.

~Leave the light on Babe~

From My Heart To Yours
Your BlushingAngel

For those who have a chance at true love, Please open your heart, feel the pain from past mistakes. Feel it deeply. 
Then Let It Go!!
Don't let anything or anyone keep you apart from the one you are In Love with and the one who is In Love with you. It is the most important thing you can do in life.... to grab that love, protect it, nurish it, respect it.... and Live It.