Shut Up And Drive

We all have the inner voice
Hearing it is our choice

If only I had listened to it long ago
My heart would not have fed his ego

He captured my heart
Right from the very start

He showered me with love
Made me think he was sent from above

Little did I know that his love was a lie
That he would bring tears to my eyes

Now I have to face the fact that his love was fake
He is only a tomcat on the make

Oh his love is real at times
He shares it now with the next in line

Now it is time to learn to listen to my heart
I can't turn back and play the part

He Loves who ever is nearby
Until we catch on to his lies

He is shallow for sure
Where my love was so pure

If I could take the good side of this man of charm
And put the bad side where it could do no harm

But that can't be
So listen to me

It is time to let go of all the dreams
They were only part of his scheme

And he will continue to tire of new loves
Just like worn out gloves

In time there will be an honest man
On this you can plan

So shut up and drive
You will survive

From my Heart to Yours